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  1. Format Email

    Setting the duration to 0 doesn't help. It still shows the end time, it's just that the end time now is the same as the begin time. I really need a solution to this problem SOON. THe way the message looks in Eudora is just not acceptable.
  2. Format Email

    The user with this problem is using Eudora.
  3. Format Email

    I'm looking into what e-mail program the recipient is using. In the meantime, can I just have the "end times" not show up?
  4. Format Email

    I have a similar question about layout options for the e-mails. Some of my e-mail suscribers get events that look like the following. Problem is that the way the end-time and days of the week are lined up, it's very confusing. For instance, it looks like the Coffee Talk starts at 5:55 pm on Wednesday, when actually it starts at 8am. This is not a matter of html formatting being allowed in the e-mail or not, otherwise the "plus" signs wouldn't show up. --Chris Ashburn North Eugene High School 541-228-1633 chris@designworksoregon.com
  5. Some of the events in my calendar have an asterisk or other special symbol showing up as the first character of the event title of an embedded calendar.