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  1. Setting the duration to 0 doesn't help. It still shows the end time, it's just that the end time now is the same as the begin time. I really need a solution to this problem SOON. THe way the message looks in Eudora is just not acceptable.
  2. The user with this problem is using Eudora.
  3. I'm looking into what e-mail program the recipient is using. In the meantime, can I just have the "end times" not show up?
  4. I have a similar question about layout options for the e-mails. Some of my e-mail suscribers get events that look like the following. Problem is that the way the end-time and days of the week are lined up, it's very confusing. For instance, it looks like the Coffee Talk starts at 5:55 pm on Wednesday, when actually it starts at 8am. This is not a matter of html formatting being allowed in the e-mail or not, otherwise the "plus" signs wouldn't show up. --Chris Ashburn North Eugene High School 541-228-1633 chris@designworksoregon.com
  5. Some of the events in my calendar have an asterisk or other special symbol showing up as the first character of the event title of an embedded calendar.
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