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  1. Great! Thanks Nancy. I thought that if the red ! appeared then they would not receive any emails... Jon
  2. Jill, We have over 1800 email addresses loaded into the Trumba Address book, and 4 of them are showing the red ! suggesting Trumba has had a problem sending these people email. All 4 addresses are valid. Aside from the fact that maybe these people inadvertently added the Trumba to a junk email list, I'm curious if someone there might have some additional input as to why these 4 are showing up like this. I deleted them, and re-added them to find the same thing. I know it's not an issue corporately, as we've encountered no problem with any others. Any help insight would be welcome on how to get these 4 fixed. Thanks! Jon
  3. Jill, Thanks for the clarification. That defininetly helped the old thought process. Curious though - when we have a 2 day training class, on say a Wednesday and the very next day Thursday - that runs from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm - can I make this a multi day event, but once it's created, modify the time to match? I have not tried this, just curious. Thanks again. Jon
  4. Jill, I am sorry to be so dense, but can you explain the difference between a multi day event and a recurring event? In reading the 1st of the two links above, Connie stated: "If you publish a calendar using a template such as Classic Week, the Sign Up button still appears on each day of a multi-day event. If you publish using the Performance template, only one Sign Up button is associated with the multi-day event because the multi-day event is presented as one entry in the calendar." I published using the performance template, and all 4 Sign Up buttons appear - so I'm guessing a multi day event is not the same as a recurring event? Anyway, I will recreate the classes, republish using the Performance template, and see how that goes. Thanks for the clarification. Jon
  5. On a somewhat related question, I have created a repeating event that is an open invitation. It's a series of 4 classes on 4 different days. I can create the repeating event just fine, but I do not want to make employees sign up for each individual class. I went in and on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th events and unchecked the "Open Invitation" button, which removes the "Sign Up!" button from these dates. But they do not show up as having registered for the series of events - only on the 1st class. Is there any way to accomplish this? I am publishing using a Performance Schedule template..... Thanks in advance Jon
  6. Jill, Unfortunately, countinued testing here is yielding mixed results. SOmetimes they come through with the "correct" email name, followed buy the "user.12345@trumbe.com", and sometimes they are coming through with just the "user.12345@trumbe.com" address. I have checked IE settings to see if there's something there, and I've also considered maybe it's a setting in Outlook, but it's extremely hit and miss. I know this is not a priority for you - and that's understandable. It's just driving me nuts as to why initially it worked perfectly - albeit only 5 people testing it out. Anyway, just wanted to update. Thanks for listening. Jon
  7. Jill, I can email you a screen shot of what the email I received looked like to clarify, but the From field is where it shows users.xxx@trumba.com; in the body of the message is where it displays their actual email address. Thanks Jon
  8. So far, I have been a HUGE fan of Trumba, but this afternoon, I ran into something very odd - at least I had never seen this. I have the event set up to send me an email a notification when someone signs up for an event, but when it arrived in my in box, rather than the actual email of the person, it appeared as user.XXXX@trumba.com. Yet several days ago, they came through exactly they input their email address. We're using Outlook 2003, IE 6. I'm just curious to know why there was a change - as I am linking the Outlook folder where these messages are stored to a back end Accessdatabase....and when they come through as they should all things are fine, but when they come through as user1xxxx@trumba.com, it's causing me some headaches, as I can't then cross reference that name. Again, I really enjoy the product...just hope this can be resolved, as it worked beautifully the other day! Jon
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