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  1. Round two of beta spud testing

    Ditto on that! I never got a chance to retest them but they are up live and sweet.
  2. Page w/Crawler Hangs on Load

    I didn't use hosts, I hard-coded the IP address into my web page and published it. I do not have time to do it again right now but I do have a domain that I can try it under and will post when I've done it. But, I'm a full time CTO 7am - 3pm and full time instructor 4pm-9pm so I mostly code on weekends... MSIE 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519
  3. Page w/Crawler Hangs on Load

    The new spuds DO make both crawlers on a page work but EVERY spud or link into a spud hangs on the first invocation. Killing then restarting IE and reloading the page allows THAT spud to load *reasonably* quickly but other spuds do not load and hang. I have a macromedia flash loaded as well as the top and bottom crawler and whatever spud (my special events page has as many as 6 spuds if memory serves me right) has previously been partially loaded...
  4. Date Finder / Page crawler

    I think adding a variable similar to TrumbaTeaser (TrumbaETPhoneHome???) and displaying a HOME button in the spud if it's not NULL is an AWESOME idea... Yeah I know you wanted to push the new spuds today and a last minute great idea isn't in the best interest of a quality product at deadline, but... Jeff "One More Feature" Andle
  5. two crawlers on a page... only one crawls (and fast!)

    That's what 10 years of FORTRAN before using any real languages does to an old guy... OK, so it's SOOOOOO close now. No, the bottom crawler won't crawl till the new containerized spuds are out, but if I click an item on the events crawler and go back, it DOES return me to the calendar page on my website, but the spud displays the events calendar instead of the top-level mix-in. I had expected that following a link to a leadership class item (bottom crawler) and back would display that sub-calendar... instead I get a broken link: http://public.southernmaine-ata.com/HOMETR...%26view%3Devent I checked the case on that one...
  6. two crawlers on a page... only one crawls (and fast!)

    Troy & Jill, I appreciate the effort. When this all works it is going to be just too cool - and I've told a few other people to use it. I now have published SMATA_EVENTS and SMATA_LDRCLASS as sub-calendars of SMATA_MAIN, which is simply a mix-in of these two. The events crawler is in a top border "page" and the leadership class crawler is in the bottom border "page". Both use SMATA_MAIN, published through my calendars page, http://public.southernmaine-ata.com/HOMETR...KS/Calendar.htm, as the teaser_base. However, now all of the events in any of the presentations fail to a page not found (whether teaser or the calendar itself... I get http://public.southernmaine-ata.com/HOMETR...%26view%3Devent I'm not sure what I may have done to break this since it used to work. I could see the crawlers being broken but the calendar page is an unchanged reference. I don't have time to play much - especially the pre-release stuff - and it's better than it was before these objects. If there is something specific that you want to see tried I can either pop you the keys or the web code...
  7. two crawlers on a page... only one crawls (and fast!)

    Jill, Been too busy to test this but let me run something by you... I still want the two calendars to have completely separate info. How about if I mix both into a common top level and use it as the teaser for both separate sub calendars? It also sounds like the new spuds will fix things and should be out in a week or so... Thanks, Jeff
  8. two crawlers on a page... only one crawls (and fast!)

    Not like I need another bunny hole to climb down but would the dreaded frames solve this or is it server (Trumba) side? It appears that once crawler is normal speed (It would have to be becaue I started with one and noticed the speed up but I verified that). I could get carried away and see if three are triple speed but alas time is precious... Looks like the variables are common and so is the object handle (or whatever the modern term is) so all the motion messages are posting to the first instance? Frames would isolate the objects, right? I would be happy mixing both calendars into one and having a single teaser target as long as the events both crawled. Just in case there might be a partial patch Jeff
  9. I need to display two different streamers, one keeping my students informed of what the class "themes" are so they know what to bring with them each day and the other for special events. I had it all in one calendar and it was cluttered so I split it. Now the first instance of the crawler crawls (seems like double time?) and the second instance just sits there. Also the second instance has the same teaser (target page) as the first even though the variables were assigned differently. I want the two crawlers on the same page and I need them to have separate teasers and calendar feeds (that part works). I'm using Front Page (yeah, I know...) Jeff Andle http://public.southernmaine-ata.com/