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  1. It does help. Thanks. And yes, I was in the very early beta stages.
  2. There is a link to Searchable Public Calendars: http://www.trumba.com/calendars Right now there are over 3500 calendars displayed 100 at a time. Wasn't there a way to search these calendars? Are we really exected to do a web (Google?) search for calendars? Web searches bring up so much #$!@#$ that it isn't feasible. Aslo...how long does it take for a calendar to be searchabe once published?
  3. Event Types Suggestion

    Thanks Connie.
  4. Event Types are COOL! I have added custom event types with custom fields. But...Why can't I delete the built-in event types. Most of them, actually all of them, have no use for my calendar. I suggest being able to delete (and restore) built-in event types.
  5. When I create an event that repeats on the 5th Tuesday of every month, it also shows up on the 4th Tuesday (only if there isn't a 5th Tuesday). There are options for Last Tuesday, 5th Tuesday, and 4th Tuesday of the month. To me, it is a bug to have a repeating event for the 5th Tuesday show up on the 4th Tuesday. If I wanted that functionality, I would select the "Last Tuesday" option. Right now, I have to go to each month where there are not five Tuesdays and manually delete the erroneous event that shows up on the 4th Tuesday. I say "Tuesday", but it doesn't matter the Day of the week.
  6. Multiple Calendars

    When you select a calendar, the other calendar(s) have a checkbox next to them. This specifies whether to show that calendar's items also. Just make sure the other calendar does NOT have a check next to it.
  7. Trumba Next

    I am sending the Trumb Next to myself. I get ONE email with all events from all calendars. There is even key outlining the different calendar's colors. To get all calendars on the Trumb Next, I had to create schedule then delete it. I would guess that if I added more email addresses to the distribution lists, they would all get the reminders. As for suppressing emails containing no events...it is not critical.
  8. Quote: "Trumba Next is a daily or weekly email message that contains your schedule." This is accessable from the "Account Settings". With options to to send daily, weekly, or No thanks. Below this is the "Email Options" link that lets you view/modify you Distributions lists. Not all of my calendars appeared on this page. I found it difficult to add my calendars. I had to select each calendar, create a shceduled email event (which added the email address to the calendar's distibution list), then delete the event. My email address is now added to the calendar's distribution list so the Trumba Next will work for this calendar. I had to do this for each calendar. Is their a simpler method to do this? Also, as a feature request for Trumba Next: When I don't have an event for the day, I get an email that says, "No events scheduled for...". It would be nice if there was an option to supress these empty emails.