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  1. It does help. Thanks. And yes, I was in the very early beta stages.
  2. There is a link to Searchable Public Calendars: http://www.trumba.com/calendars Right now there are over 3500 calendars displayed 100 at a time. Wasn't there a way to search these calendars? Are we really exected to do a web (Google?) search for calendars? Web searches bring up so much #$!@#$ that it isn't feasible. Aslo...how long does it take for a calendar to be searchabe once published?
  3. When I create an event that repeats on the 5th Tuesday of every month, it also shows up on the 4th Tuesday (only if there isn't a 5th Tuesday). There are options for Last Tuesday, 5th Tuesday, and 4th Tuesday of the month. To me, it is a bug to have a repeating event for the 5th Tuesday show up on the 4th Tuesday. If I wanted that functionality, I would select the "Last Tuesday" option. Right now, I have to go to each month where there are not five Tuesdays and manually delete the erroneous event that shows up on the 4th Tuesday. I say "Tuesday", but it doesn't matter the Day of the week.
  4. When you select a calendar, the other calendar(s) have a checkbox next to them. This specifies whether to show that calendar's items also. Just make sure the other calendar does NOT have a check next to it.
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