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  1. That would be great - thanks so much, Connie!
  2. Yes, that's it. I'm pointing to other links in the calendar that occur in the same venue or in the same neighborhood. Sometimes I point to other links on my site too, but it's OK if those open in a new window. Links back to the calendar, however, I would prefer to appear in the same window. Here's an example. Thanks! Kimberly
  3. Hello, I've noticed that the target field for any HTML links in our calendar events appears to default to target="_blank" even when you enter something else for the target field. Is there any way to override this so that HTML links don't default to a new window? Sometimes this is nice, but I've also added links to events by venue, etc. (using the search feature), and I'd really like any links back to the calendar like this to appear in the same window. Thanks! Kimberly
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