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  1. Green?

    I like the new fades for the colors (at least I think they are new), but I didn't really appreciate having the default calendar color changed from white to green without notification. I noticed the green is being used on the Trumba site as well. I guess it is probably a seasonal thing, but I would really prefer such features be offered as optional instead of being pushed to our sites automatically. I was able to get around it by republishing my calendar and changing the colors to white, but notification or an optional feature next time would be very much appreciated Thanks, Kimberly
  2. Since the transition to Trumba Connect my Publisher Dashboard shows 0 calendar views for most days, where it was receiving several thousand calendar views per day prior to the transition. Embedded event detail seems down as well. Any ideas? Thanks! Kimberly
  3. Hello, I've noticed that the target field for any HTML links in our calendar events appears to default to target="_blank" even when you enter something else for the target field. Is there any way to override this so that HTML links don't default to a new window? Sometimes this is nice, but I've also added links to events by venue, etc. (using the search feature), and I'd really like any links back to the calendar like this to appear in the same window. Thanks! Kimberly
  4. Overriding "target" in HTML

    That would be great - thanks so much, Connie!
  5. Overriding "target" in HTML

    Yes, that's it. I'm pointing to other links in the calendar that occur in the same venue or in the same neighborhood. Sometimes I point to other links on my site too, but it's OK if those open in a new window. Links back to the calendar, however, I would prefer to appear in the same window. Here's an example. Thanks! Kimberly