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  1. Hi Nancy, It's all working now. THANKS!!
  2. Thanks Jill, The points in #1 aren't as important to me as those listed in # 2, so that's fine. Any idea when this will get rolled into production? Thanks again, Gary
  3. Hi Jill, Thanks ... My questions 1 and 3 are all taken care of. I thought I'd pass along a few other "link color" issues. This relates to the handling of links included in the Location section and Notes section (such as a link to a Google map, referral to another web site or to a PDF file for downloading, etc.). When you click on an event name in any of the calendar spuds, the detail event screen that comes up is perfect. It uses the base link colors in the Location and Notes field. This does not happen with any of the other spuds that display these fields. Two different types of things happen: 1. The link is the same color as all the other print around it. Classic Week Calendar List Calendar 2. The link is the "Trumba blue" rather than my base link color (or my specified action link color). Labeled List - Date Calendar Performance Schedule Calendar Detail List - Date Calendar Event Detail Popup So, on the calendar on my web site, depending on the View you use, my links for Location and Notes will be BLUE.... or RED.... or BLACK... Suggestions? HELP? Gary
  4. Hi Jill and other Trumba Folk, I haven't bothered you in awhile -- so I've saved up a few things for you to check on 1. When I update events on my calendar, emails are no longer being sent out overnight with the updates (they are only going out on the regular end-of-month schedule). I've noticed this for the past several weeks. Is something new going on? 2. On the month view of my calendar, the hyperlink for the event selection (all, none) does not pick up the custom colors I've specified for my calendar. Check my calendar at http://www.lakotawestbands.org/calendar.htm and you'll notice that "all, none" is in blue, while all other hyperlinks are in red. 3. On the small date finder control spud, you can roll the mouse over a date and the events on that date will pop up (cool feature, by the way!). The event names, however, do not pick up the custom colors I've specified for my calendar. Again, if you go to my calendar at http://www.lakotawestbands.org/calendar.htm, you'll notice that the event names in the mouse-over of the date finder spud are a lovely green, rather than the gray I've specified for my calendar. Thanks!!!! Gary
  5. I just added a new all day event for today to a sub-calendar. When I go to the published calendar on my website, that event does not appear. It DOES appear, however, if I click forward to the next month and then back to the current month.
  6. Hey Trumba Folks, I've noticed this for awhile and just haven't notified you yet. When you "Edit Calendar Colors" you can specify link and hover colors. The hover color works fine for every format except the "month view" format. In other words, on my main calendar, when you hover over an event name, it no longer changes color like it used to. If I choose to display the calendar in "list view" or "table view", the hover feature works fine. I'm finding that, because the hover color doesn't change, people don't realize that they can actually click on the event name for more information. You can see what I mean by checking the calendar page on my web site at http://www.lakotawestbands.org/calendar.htm Thanks, Gary
  7. Trumba Connect Issues

    Anything happening on this? THANKS! Gary
  8. Trumba Connect Issues

    Hi Jill, Thanks. I think you've "heard" my issues correctly. For the month list spud, you're right -- I do not have any events scheduled in the 11th month. I would definitely still prefer to see the 11th month name listed rather than just having a blank space (not very esthetically pleasing!) The developers may have gotten too fancy on this one You're also right that the month view is my default view. I am seeing the same behavior you've described. After switching to a list or table view, on the 2nd or 3rd try, it suddenly switches back to the month view. And yes, I'm going to hang in there with you for awhile. I am reasoanbly sure that the smart minds at Trumba will come up with a better pricing approach -- primariy because I believe you'll see that the recent pricing announcement was just bad business. My bigger concern, though, is that the new pricing may be a sign of desperation...indicating that your company is not financialy viable. Gary
  9. Hi folks...I won't dwell on my frustration with your new "one size fits all" pricing scheme. I'm hoping you'll come to your senses on that over the next year (there IS something between FREE and $99.95 a month that might be appropriate for some of your users -- it would be unfortunate for you to abandon all the non-profits that really helped build your brand). I've identified a couple of issues for you to take a look at: 1. On the Calendar List Spud, the link for "select all,none" has only the default color option. 2. I'm REALLY happy you've added the Month List Spud. The Month List Spud, though, should include the current month and the next 11 months -- it currently only includes the next 10 months (by the spacing, it looks like it was INTENDED to have the next 11 months). There are also a few bugs in this spud-- especially if you use it with the "list" or "table" view. When you click on some months, the correct view continues to display, but some months will suddenly pop into monthly view. Anyway, I still love you...just not as much as I used to. Gary
  10. Okay, you've turned me into a total Calendar geek. I think I've now incorporated every feature available into my web site at www.lakotawestbands.org. I'm loving the new spuds you introduced this week, and I set up my event submission form this morning. But Trumba, what have you done for me lately? In all the incredible functionality, this calendar seems to miss one basic function that is incorporated into every "inactive" calendar I've ever seen -- that is the ability for a viewer/visitor to easily jump to a future month. Typically, this is handled by a drop-down menu that shows the names of future months. Click on the name, and you go directly to that month. The new spuds make scrolling through months faster, but it's still a pain. Any thoughts on this? Is there something there that I just haven't figured out? Thank you, awesome Trumba folks.... Gary
  11. I dealt with a similar issue on my website, www.lakotawestbands.org (check the calendar page). I have a straight forward monthly calendar showing on that page, but I also have a link that says "Create a Custom Calendar". In THAT view, the calendar displays "Mixed-In" Calendars and the search field. I did this by creating another top-level calendar and displaying all the same sub-calendars from my main calendar. To do this easily, I have NO events in my top level calendars...only in the sub calendars. By the way, the displayed name that you give those two top level calendars can be identical. And since they share the same sub-calendars, a change in one sub-calendar shows up in both top-level calendars. Okay I think I've confused myself. Hope this helps a little, Gary
  12. I love my new spuds. Thanks!
  13. Crawler Width

    It looks like the new spuds are now in production. I ran into this problem when I tried out my web site during beta testing of the new spuds. I'm not sure if this is the best "techie" solution, but I got around the probelm by inserting a single row, three column table. I put the spud in the middle cell and specified the middle cell width to be the same as the desired crawler width. It ended up working perfectly.
  14. Is there a revised ETA for the new spuds? Thanks, Gary