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  1. search spud

    Hello, Sorry for that long silence and thank you for your answers. I found out myself about the filter spud and it's exactly what I wanted to do. About search spud, here is a link to my calendar page to show you what I tried to do. IBK's calendar It works fine with IE not so fine with Firefox. And I should use divs instead of tables, it's nicer... The biggest problem I encounter is still the date format. That and some more customisation for languages and you will have a perfect Trumba international version
  2. search spud

    Hello, I was just wondering why the search spud we can include in our web page does not include the written "search" and the rectangle with the right colours as it does on the published calendar page. (hope you understand me) Is it an easy way to automatically include it or no? I know I could do that manually, but I'm a little lazy... Alternatively, would it be possible not to have it for the mix-in spud or the filter spud, so I could for example change the language used? I hope it's not too confuse... I tried to add an image but it didn't work... Thanks for your help anyway and your nice calendar
  3. New Spuds and date format?

    Hello Kevin, You're not alone I use Trumba anyway, because it's great. But I don't know how the users of our website feel about it. If I have too much bad feedbacks, I will perhaps have to go back to the classic, static calendar we had before. Cheers to all, Celine