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  1. Problem from one of my subscribers...

    Just wanted to post an update that the issue in this thread has been addressed so it should no longer be an issue even if someone has a narrow window/monitor to view the version of the calendar on the Trumba site. Anne / Trumba Support
  2. You are right. I'm sorry that this change is not allowing you to get to event details page as it was possible previously from email. We received a report about this on Friday and tested so we could reproduce the issue, and noted it for our developers and QA. As soon as we know something more, we'll post an update. Anne / Trumba Support
  3. Show private events as busy?

    Hi Andrew, Thanks for checking. Private events currently are not displayed on published calendars or shared calendars. One possible workaround is creating a second event with the description "busy". Sorry I don't have a better suggestion for you. Anne / Trumba Support
  4. Hi Emily, Glad you like things good so far! We are in a product offering transition, and if you haven't already, I'd suggest that you check out this section. Regarding your publishing question, one of the premises of a Trumba calendar is that we offer a way for people to select events and take some type of action on them. In keeping with this premise, at this time, there isn't a way to turn off selecting events. There is a just a choice for people to select multiple or single events. Hope this helps even if it doesn't quite give you what you were looking for. We will note your request, as we continue to work on increased customization of calendar spuds. Regards, Anne / Trumba Support
  5. transparent footers?

    Hi jland or anyone else reading along, This link shows you the customization that's possible: http://www.trumba.com/help/publish/spudfaq.html#upcoming Our new beta (that you can find more information about in the beta forum) has a lot of customization that's possible for all our spuds. We don't yet have all the current parameters that are possible available for the Upcoming Events spud in the beta, but I'd still recommend checking out the beta! Anne / Trumba Support
  6. Hi Frank, Thanks for this feature request. Mapping fields on import is very important, and if you are having to do repeated imports, I can see where it would be valuable to save the mapping. I am assuming this is a CSV (Comma separated value file) or Excel file. I wonder if the workaround of exporting a file from Trumba so you can get the field names and taking the time to manually put them at the top of your file, replacing your other labels would be worth the trouble to you as a way to solve for this. Once you have this done once, you can have a blank file and a copy/paste of your data first to your blank file with just the field names prior to import could be a way to avoid the manual remapping. If it is say just one or two fields that you are remapping then the workaround would be too much work, but you have a couple fields, it might be worth the trouble. The workaround aside, we'll log your feature request. Anne / Trumba Support
  7. Hi todd, Thanks for this suggestion. Our month template is a preferred format by many of our calendar publishers and we are definitely evaluating ideas that help make it be as useful as it can be. I'll log your feature request. Cheers, Anne / Trumba Support
  8. Hi Jill & ferg, Regarding ferg's question, the only idea I could come up with was to use the bulk "Add Events to..." feature in the List View. ferg, as you guessed, importing into multiple calendars won't do the job for you. However, if you import your events into individual calendars using the method outlined by Jill above, then if you are in the List view and you select the main athletic calendar (so it has the black check next to it) and display events in all the individual calendars, it seems like you'd be able to select all the events you want to add to the main calendar and then use the "Add Events to..." command to have them all show on the main calendar in addition to the other calendar. Hope this gives you enough information to experiment with one or two events and find a method that works for your needs. Cheers, Anne / Trumba Support
  9. Hyperlinks in event notes

    Hi wyndwoman, I don't believe there's a way to control this at this time. We'll note this request down your feature request. Anne / Trumba Support
  10. Hi sag544, Thank you for including a link to your site. I am not able to find a calendar, but did see the date finder spud on your calendar page at http://latinocoalitionforprevention.org Regarding using Internet Explorer, it does work on the PC. However, on the Mac, Microsoft has discontinued development of Internet Explorer and is no longer supporting it. So, at this time, Internet Explorer on the Mac is not a supported browser. For more information, please check: http://www.microsoft.com/mac/products/inte...nternetexplorer For information on our list of supported browsers, please check: http://www.trumba.com/help/systemreq.html Hope this information is useful to you. Thank you for using Trumba! Regards, Anne / Trumba Support
  11. default calender week

    Hi Robert, You can add the &date=20060911 to get a specific date to show up. Here is a post with an example. I don't believe we offer a documented way to control the initial mix in state. But, it is on our feature request list. Cheers, Anne / Trumba Support
  12. date finder direct links?

    That's one option, Wayne. Depends on how many other spuds you have on the page with the date finder spud. If it is the lone one then you can direct it to another page on your site that has the day view, for example. There are probably other workflows one could assemble with the various building blocks, too. : ) For example: You could use the crawler or the upcoming spud on the home page or page that invites people to visit your main calendar page. Both those spuds take people to specific events. You could do a static small image of a calendar on your main page that leads folks to your main calendar page. Example: http://www.philau.edu (top right) Cheers, Anne / Trumba Support
  13. date finder direct links?

    Hi Wayne, The workaround you mention is needed in some circumstances, however, if all you wanted to do was to change the view, then you can add a parameter to your published calendar URL. Here is an example: http://www.trumba.com/calendars/kexp http://www.trumba.com/calendars/kexp?template=day http://www.trumba.com/calendars/kexp?date=...mp;template=day The script would be something like this: <script src="http://www.trumba.com/k.aspx?calendar=kexp&template=day" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT> Cheers, Anne / Trumba Support
  14. date finder direct links?

    Hi Wayne, If you use the Upcoming Events spud or the Crawler spud you can click on a specific event and you'd go to the details of the specific event. You're right about the Date Finder spud, you'll go to a page that contains events from that date. If you were publishing with the classic day, week or month templates, you'll go to current day or week or month when you click on a specific date on the Date Finder spud. This is because you are picking a day (rather than event) and each day could have multiple events. Once you are on the view that includes the specific date, you would need to then select the event. If you want your calendar viewer to see events on a particular day, when they click on a specific date then you could publish using the day template or publish using the list view but group by day. Hope this helps. Regards, Anne / Trumba Support
  15. Hi eyedesign, Please take a look at the email from support. It should have information unique to your account in it (pid, hash etc.). Regards, Anne / Trumba Support