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  1. One way to print your calendar information is to use one of the Trumba published calendars and then print. Each calendar view offers you a unique way to organize your calendar information. For example, the Conference Room calendar allows you to organize your events by location. With the standard views in Trumba, the Week view is the only one that allows you to print the Description that go with your appointments. But, using calendar views, you can find a few other options that might work for you. Some calendar views also allow you to group and page information. For example, if you want
  2. If you are in your Trumba account, there are several views that you can select and the print button will bring up a window that allows you to view the calendar with minimal extraneous information for printing purposes. You may also find our help topic on printing useful: https://www.trumba.com/help/printcal.aspx
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