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  1. Yes, we do support what we call Filter Views. When you have a custom field set up, such as a list of Regions. When you are adding events, you can tag them by Region. Using Filter Views you can set up a filter view for each region and then every Trumba spud/widget can pull in events based on that filtered view.
  2. When an event is owned by a calendar, it appears you have tagged that event to Also Show On one or more calendars. The calendar that was deleted still knows that there are events authorized to display on other calendars. So while the owning calendar now displays "Deleted Calendar", what you will need to do is edit the event and under the Also Shows On section, go ahead and tick the checkmark next to the other calendars where these events are also tagged to display and then click OK. To learn more about deleting versus removing, see our Overview: Delete, Remove or Cancel Events Help Topic.
  3. Yes! If you have any questions about Trumba, or if you would like to have a demo of our product, please contact Trumba Sales at sales@corp.trumba.com or call us at 1-800-925-0388 and we would be happy to talk to you about our service and application.
  4. The easiest way to do this is select your top level/parent calendar and then in Trumba select the List view. From here you can perform a Select All and from the drop down menu select Move events to... and then to the right select the sub-calendar you want to move the events and then click Go.
  5. Here are some possible solutions based on your needs: 1. You need your sales folks to just be able to view their own calendar and not make any edits. Solution: A. Publish each individual calendar with a password (in step 4 of the publishing process). Give the sales person the url and the password. If the information is very confidential, it might be wise to tell your folks to not access from a public terminal in a cafe etc. as it's possible someone might be able to use the history information in the browser and access the calendar. B. You could send a weekly email to each individual (and you can schedule this) with their calendar. Further, there is a way to automatically kick off a nightly update email in the event you modify their calendar. 2. You need your sales folks to both edit and view just their own calendar. Solution: You would need to get each person their own Trumba account. There is an expense to this and we would recommend a Trumba Editor account for each user. Once they have their own account you could share just their individual calendar with them. They would be able to edit their calendar and not see anyone else's when they sign in with their account credentials. And you would still be able to see everyone's calendar as the main publisher/account holder.
  6. Hi Connie, Thanks for posting an update on the new date finder widget. It is great that it's already being used! For anyone reading along, the illustration update will be reflected on our site shortly (probably by the end of the week). Strix, I checked on your request about having the calendar open in a separate window. There isn't a way to do this with what we have currently, but I will get your feature request to the right folks. Anne / Trumba Support
  7. Hi Strix, Glad you think it is a great product! I was just looking at a site that has our recently added feature working: <url removed March 20, 2006> You are right that our illustration in our instructions shows arrows that suggest you can scroll to other months. We'll look into the matter and post a response. http://www.trumba.com/help/publish/embedhowteaser.html In the site I was viewing (above), having the page change to the calendar page feels like a good flow rather than having it open in a new window. Will check in to your request and see if there's a way to set things up so you can have the calendar page open on your site, but in a separate window. Cheers, Anne / Trumba Support
  8. When you publish a calendar and embed the main calendar spud on your web page, there will be a Subscribe link at the top right corner of the calendar. When this is selected, there is an option to subscribe to a daily or weekly email that your site visitor can select and then enter in their email address. Once they are sent an email, the footer of the email will have an Unsubscribe link for that subscriber to select to opt out.
  9. Hi rickbergami, At this time, there isn't a way to do reminders to another person event by event. You can send a one-time calendar email to the person with custom copy, or you would have to use your email software to send them a message. If the person wanted, they could set up receiving a reminder from a Trumba published calendar if they did not have a Trumba Account, or if they did, they can set up reminders for any event that they can see. Sorry this isn't exactly what you are looking for. Anne / Trumba Support
  10. If you have not checked out the change in functionality recently, please do. I hope the change addresses the issue. Anne / Trumba Support
  11. Hi martini, Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention. We checked with our developers and they'll be addressing this matter. We'll post an update as soon as we know more. Regards, Anne / Trumba Support
  12. Here are some answers to your questions: Step 3 of the publishing process allows you to select calendars to mix in. Help topic - https://www.trumba.com/help/pubmpg.html
  13. You can publish calendars separately or mixed in, depending on the audience. An example, a spiritual organization publishes all the church events together, but then can also choose to publish a youth calendar or a women's calendar. If the way embedded calendars behave is close to the results you want to achieve on your own site, then perhaps you could check out the help topic on embedding.
  14. One way to print your calendar information is to use one of the Trumba publishing templates to publish your calendar and then print. Each template offers you a unique way to organize your calendar information. For example, the Conference Room template allows you to organize your events by location. With the standard views in Trumba, the week view is the only one that allows you to print the notes that go with your appointments. But, using publishing templates, you can find a few other options that might work for you that also include notes. Just today we received feedback asking for this option. Some publishing templates also allow you to group and page information. For example, if you want to print out a list view with each new day on a separate page, then you can group by day and page by day. There are a number of choices to select from. Some screen shots of calendars published with different templates from our help topics follow: Classic Table Classic time period templates List template News template Performance Schedule Conference Schedule 3 Columns Compact List
  15. If you are in your Trumba Account, there are several views that you can select and the blue print button will bring up a window that allows you to view the calendar with minimal extraneous information for printing purposes. You may also find our help topic on printing useful: https://www.trumba.com/help/printcal.aspx
  16. When you create a new calendar, or edit the Calendar Settings for an existing calendar, you can change the default calendar setting for Default duration:
  17. Using one Trumba Publisher account to set up all the published calendars for your church is what we'd recommend. (This account would serve as an admin account.) If one person is going to be entering in the data just one account would suffice. If a second person is going to be the back up, when the primary person is out of the office, still one account would suffice. If more than one person is going to be editing events in Trumba simultaneously, we do recommend contacting Trumba Support and purchasing subscription for additional Editor accounts. When a person has their own Editor account, they can manage content for their calendars.
  18. With your Trumba subscription you are allowed an unlimited number of calendars within your account. You may not need to create a lot of calendars as you want to take into consideration the creation of custom fields and the use of filter views.
  19. It sounds like when you published your calendar, you set the security to be password protected. To remove or change this setting, in Trumba select your published calendar and select Publish>Publish Settings tab and then select Edit Publish Settings. From here you can reset the password or change it from Password to Public. https://www.trumba.com/help/pubsearch.aspx
  20. To do what you are trying to do, first select the main calendar you want to mail out (you'll be mixing other calendars in to this). Then, click on the blue email button at the top. You can send a one time or a scheduled repeating email (for example once a month). At this time, the feature you are looking for (mixing in several calendars and sending out a mailing) is only available if you do a scheduled email, so I'd suggest selecting that. Then add the right folks to your distribution list, and click next. You'll now find the option to mix in other calendars (simply check the ones you want to include at the very bottom). In the next step, you'll get to preview what will be sent out. If it looks ok, click Finish. Click the blue Email button again, and you'll have the option to send the next email now and also delete the scheduled email (if this isn't something you want to set up to happen over and over).
  21. With the calendar selected in Trumba you can select the Settings button or, next to the Calendar name you'll see a little down arrow, if you click on that one of the choices is Calendar Settings. From here, you will can change the time zone of this specific calendar. Here is our help topic that covers Time Zones in more depth. https://www.trumba.com/help/timezones.html
  22. Yes, this is supported! By default the times are displayed in 5 minute increments in the Start and End time drop downs, however you can type in any increment by the minute within the drop down field.
  23. As long as you have at least one other Trumba Publisher or one other Trumba Editor account, you can share one or more calendars over with each account type and grant them different level of viewing and editing rights.
  24. By breaking events out in calendars, you have the flexibility to publish the calendar separately or mixed in. For example, if you have events for the public and board meetings, and you have a calendar that you email to your board, you can choose to mix in certain public event calendars as part of the mailing. You can also share out (with other Trumba users) certain calendars if you know that someone else besides you is going to be maintaining a particular calendar (say, Club Meetings). Setting up a custom field as you mentioned is also a great alternative to avoid having to create calendars, when they may not be needed in your type of scenario. Here is a help topic with more information on setting up custom fields: https://www.trumba.com/help/filter/fieldshow.aspx
  25. As you noted, in most cases you can simply change the email address. There is a special case where it takes manual intervention. When this happens, we just need confirmation from both email addresses that this is a change they want to have happen. Trumba Client Services can then make the change as long as there isn't an active Trumba account associated with the "change to" email address. In this case, because it is a typo, simply send us an email to support@corp.trumba.com with the request. If we don't have an active account already with that address, we can take care of the change right away. And if we do, we will get back to you.
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