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  1. Can visitors submit events?

    Thank You So very much, I was told to look at that then copy and paste. And the entire time I am trying to just copy and paste it does not work. But I did ask for a submission and they sent me a link to go to the help page. So I will try again to see if anybody returns my request for a submission form. Thanks, That was really helpful
  2. Can visitors submit events?

    I need your help Jill for the pid, hash, and calname. I just need to know if they supposed to be replaced with something or calname needs to be replaced. Thanks, Eye
  3. Can visitors submit events?

    Hey Guys, I was wondering after I copy and paste the code to the page desired do I have to put in the pid, hash, and calname? Also can I have two different submit forms?
  4. I was wondering how do I set the form up right. Do I have to have a pid, hash or calname after I copy and paste? Also is it possible to have to submit forms?