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  1. Spud Go/Search box

    I read the post about using the Go Box at the trumba site to navigate quickly between months and years...I REALLY like that option. I saw in the list of different spuds the search box...I naturally assumed it was the same Go box, but when I pasted it into my site it doesn't work...lol It acts like it's searching my calendar for what I typed in. Which is good, but I just wanted to know if there was any way to get the Go Box functionality on my website. Thanks ACE
  2. The Next option for Website embedded calendars

    I tried the recurring event and set it not to ever end. That allowed me to use the arrows as I wanted to. Thanks. One more question, when september comes around, since I have my calendar published in the monthly view, will it show september automatically?
  3. The Next option for Website embedded calendars

    Here's my calendar http://www.1staog.com/calendar.html I am using the month view, but the arrows are faded and don't work. I checked to make sure if I had to have information in any of the next months to make it work, so I added an event in september but still nothing...Any ideas?
  4. Hi, I've published a calendar of events for a church website to use...and I noticed that when I'm logged into Trumba I can use the little arrows at the top left of the calendar to navigate to the previous or next months and view THAT information...But when I published the calendar and used the spud in the website everything works great except for those little buttons. I'd like the user to be able to view ANY month of the current year. When I published the calendar I also noticed that the highest level option of viewing the calendar was monthly (couldn't do a yearly on there) which is fine. Does only one month get published at a time? When sept. comes around will my calendar automatically show Sept? And is there any way to allow the user to move between months on the website that's using the spud? Thanks ACE