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  1. Ah okay. Thanks. But then in the from line there will be SKUM schedule. Is there any way to have SKUM in the 'from' field and 'SKUM schedule for [month]' in the subject line. Sorry if I am being annoying!
  2. Hi Connie, No, it was when I set-up a scheduled email. There is no field to enter the subject line you would like. On the preview it says Subject: SKUM schedule for August 2006 but in reality when i recieve the email it says SKUM for August 2006 Is there any way to fix this? Or change the subject line completly? Thanks
  3. Hi, I have only just started using Trumba and already I am very impressed...however, when I preview the email it says this should be in the subject line: SKUM schedule for September 2006 but in reality the 'schedule' word is missing and looks very unprofessional without it. Can this be fixed? Thanks
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