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  1. Sorry. False alarm. It looks like this was only publishing to Trumba using the Apple iCal program. One workaround may be to subscribe to an iCal feed using Apple iCal (or perhaps Mozilla Subird or Outlook 2007) and then publish to Trumba from there.
  2. Was browsing the forums for something else and came accross this thread. Just thought it was worth mentioning that it looks like the issue of publishing an iCal feed to Trumba has been addressed: http://www.trumba.com/help/ical/icalpublish.html Andrew
  3. SiteKreator doesn't have any of the HTML editing features you mention. I think this is done to keep the code controlled so that you can easily do things like change the template across the site without any problems. Anyway - the SiteKreator team kindly looked into the issue and told me that the Trumba code does work with the Seasons, Minimalist and Standard templates. They offered to tweak the other templates for a reasonable engineering charge but I actually quite like the minimalist template and the site is progressing nicely. SiteKreator ( http://www.sitekreator.com )really is a nice tool for anyone that wants a quick and easy yet professional looking site. I'm glad that it now works with Trumba whichis great for anyone that wants a quick and easy yet professional and powerful calendar 😉
  4. Has anyone successfully published a Trumba calendar spud onto a site created using www.sitekreator.com? When I add the Trumba spud as a HTML snippet it seems to break their editor. I contacted their support and they said that there doesn't seem to be any problems with the Trumba script but they don't offer support for embedding third party scripts.
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