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  1. date finder direct links?

    Thanks Anne - this thread has been very useful!
  2. date finder direct links?

    Ah - For some reason I was under the impression that when you went through the publishing process whatever view you selected was the only view you got - so this is great to find out about. So the only downside of this option is I'd be linking to the trumba site rather than the calendar spud page on my site... Thanks!
  3. I apologize for not reading closely Thanks, Wayne
  4. date finder direct links?

    That makes sense Anne - so a work around is to create/publish another calendar in with the day-view mode and "mix-in" my main calendar events. And have the date finder link to that day-view calendar. Seems to work. I don't see downsides besides the user might uncheck the main calendar and then get confused? Thanks, Wayne
  5. I have installed the date finder spud on a page and have it configured properly to go to the calendar spud page on my site. I was a bit confused at first, when you click on a specific date link, the link brings you to the overall calendar spud page. So if the user wants to see what is happening on the 28th they have to click the date finder spud, load the next page, then click the 28th again. Is there an option or any way to have those links go directly to an event detail page? Thanks! Wayne
  6. Still don't see the spuds in my copy of Safari 1.3 - but thanks for trying!
  7. Hi, new Trumba user here. I'm having problems with getting the spuds to load in Safari, both 1.0 and on a different machine 1.3. I understand that Trumba only supports 1.2 and higher, but since the behavior is the same (the spinning "loading" message comes up but it never loads), thought it would be worth noting. These spuds seem to work fine in the other browsers. The following URLs are mock-ups of a site with the Trumba spuds: (lower right corner is the date finder spud) (entire page is the large calendar spud) The first page has a large Flash movie, which I thought might be an issue, but the behavior happens on the second page that has no Flash. Thanks! Wayne
  8. Hi, new to Trumba and these forums. They are a great resource. I would also be eager to do a little CSS to customize the link colors of the upcoming spud to match the site(s) I might be adding it to, a la the upcoming events crawler variables. Is there a page that lists all of the variables for the spuds in one place? It seems strange not to have these HideHeader, etc variables not on the "5/Done" Publish page, or at least linked directly from there. Thanks, Wayne