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  1. Thanks for the question and these suggestsions - following the first post link in your message, I used the eventual solution suggested by the questioner. Our situation was similar, with 3 calendars in all: we're a volunteer organization of parents, and needed to coordinate our school program's specific events, the main school district calendar, and a US holidays calendar. Your import function worked very nicely - I used source from Mozilla's iCal/vCal list. I embedded the coming events spud (linked only to our program's specific events, with no mix-ins) in the persistent sidebar for the site, and embedded the 5-week view in our "calendar" page. All of this played nicely with WordPress templates and pages, which I installed as a light-weight CMS for our site. create a top-level calendar for the upcoming events (program-specific events only, no mix-in), and publish. embed with events spud. create a top-level calendar for the School District's district-wide dates and events. Create a sub-calendar for US holidays, mix-in with the District calendar. Mix in the program-specific calendar. Publish. Embed using calendar spud. Can be seen at the home page for the North Kitsap Options Program. thanks again to Trumba for providing a great technology - I'll provide more feedback once the school year has started and our organization has had an opportunity to test out the grouped email reminders. Paul Mc. CorvusMarketing.com
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