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  1. spud not functioning

    I think that I have discovered the problem. I upgraded a commenting component which was supposed to resolve js conflicts but for some reason it produce a problem with trumba. I reinstalled the older version and the problem with the trumba spud seems to have gone away. Thanks!
  2. spud not functioning

    Actually the posts on the forum already are talking about embedding the main calendar. That really is not a big issue with joomla as you can just post a url in the "wrapper component" as seen at http://www.library.highgatevt.org/componen...pper/Itemid,45/. When I try to embed a upcoming events spud in the sidebar module I get "this.spuds.resize is not a function" and the code tries to load but never succeeds. This can be viewed on the homepage at http;//www.library.highgatevt.org/. However, this is not happening on the main domain at http://www.highgatevt.org/. I've tried both the old and the new code at http://library.highgatevt.org/ and I just can't seem to get it to load. The only thing I can think of that is different between the sites is the php.ini setup at Dreamhost. I was experimenting with the settings (I actually I had a programmer do it) in order to gain some control over rss feed refreshing. I was unsuccessful but I've not changed the configuration back to the original state. could that have anything to do with it?
  3. I've tried posting to a different section on the forum and I send an email but I've not received a reply yet so I'm trying here. I am having difficulty getting the "upcoming events" spud displaying on a joomla site. It seems to work fine in other joomla sites I have. The main js error I'm noticing in firefox is this.spuds.resize is not a function the spud is failing to load. My test site is at http://www.library.highgatevt.org/