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  1. I would second this request. It seems like clutter to have event details pop up with all the menus, etc., around them. It would be nice to have them instead come up in a pop-up window that began with the Event Description, included the details that it does now, included the "Add to My Calendar" and "Send to Friends" and "Other Actions" links and then had a link to close the popup and return to the main calendar. Tiffany
  2. Hi- I am looking to put the Upcoming Preview spud on my front page, because I want to be able to display events with notes. I'm wondering why the color and font weight of the date on this spud is the only thing that cannot be customized when editing styles. Personally, I'd rather the date be underneath the Event Description, but at the very least I want to be able to make it bolder and a different color than the notes. See my test page at: http://www.macucc.org/index2.htm As you can see, it's not very attractive... Tiffany
  3. Is there a way to take the header off of the Calendar List Control Spud? I'm not sure "Mixed-in Calendars" will make sense to most users - it's Trumba specific lingo. Being able to take that header off would be great!
  4. hi Jill- To answer your question in the other thread - yes, I ended up turning off the automatic mix-in list in the calendar spud and using the separate mix-in spud to get the list to appear the way I would like. I am very close to getting what I want. Thank you for all your help! Just a couple questions/requests: 1) Is there a way to make the mix-in spud wrap so that it shows up in 2 columns? As you can see, I've got a pretty long list of mixed-in calendars and space to wrap it. 2) Is there a way to make the main calenders appear in bold in the mix-in list? 3) Is there any way to change the name "Mixed-In Calendars" at the top of the mix-in list? I just worry that people won't be familiar with the Trumba lingo. Just saying "Calendars" might be clearer. http://www.macucc.org/calendar/test.htm Thanks! Tiffany
  5. Thanks, Jill - that ALMOST does what I need, but not quite. In order to display the Mix-In categories in the order I wanted, I found I had to put them on the page as a separate Spud and not as part of the main calendar. Is there a way to control which items are checked in the mix-in display spud? http://www.macucc.org/calendar/test.htm Tiffany
  6. I would second the idea of having this be a feature. It would be very helpful to be able to choose the default state of each mix-in.
  7. I am just trying Trumba for the first time and am so far impressed with what it can do. However, when I embed the spud on the my web page, it squishes (technical term) everything over to the left side of my web page. I have tried using div tags, and also tried putting the spud code inside of a table with column width set at 100%, with no luck. What am I missing? http://www.macucc.org/calendar/test.htm Thanks! Tiffany ADDED: I just discovered I can make it work with table widths using pixels, but not percentages. It would be nice, though, to have the calendar automatically stretch to the width of the page (which you can do with a table using percentages), rather than be confined to a particular width.
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