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  1. At our Library, we would like to offer a print version of our calendar with all of the addresses of our locations in the header. That way the person with the printed calendar has that information on the calendar. Why is it not possible to allow Trumba subscribers to design their own print header? Currently, the only header available is the Calendar title in Bold print.
  2. After having already bought Trumba for my organization, I'm just now finding out that although customers are lead to believe that you can have multiple editors for a single organization's account, that each additional editor has to have a paid account. This impression is given by the Pricing page (http://www.trumba.com/corp/pricing.aspx) which specifically states: "Calendar Sharing Set up a calendar maintenance process that works for you. Allow multiple editors to securely add or update events on published calendars." Nowhere does it say on that page that each "Editor" must also have a paying account. This is very misleading and Trumba needs to address this up front BEFORE people buy the product. I'm not used to having to read the fine print when paying for software, and Trumba is currently using very fine print to let customers know that purchasing one "calendar" doesn't mean you get to have "multiple editors", but in fact you must buy multiple accounts for your users. Alicia Berkeley Public Library
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