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  1. Hi, I'm trying to have the calendar view list spud and the search spud appear next to each other on my calendar page (just to take up less vertical real estate). However, they always come out stacked, one on top of the other. I've tried to put the javascript in a <TABLE> layout using 2 cells <TD> next to each other in the same row, but it seems that the javascript must "spit out" a carriage return or something. Thanks for any help. Bobby B. Los Angeles, CA
  2. Everything else on the main webpage shows up correctly in the Safari browser on a MAC (like the menu index and some text strings) But the main calendar page does not appear. Normally on IE or FireFox, if you don't see the calendar you usually see the "password required" link every now and then because our calendar is set up as private. However, on Safari, the words "temporarily unavailable" appear instead of the calendar. Is this related to a security setting in their Safari browser, or do I need to do something to the web code to make it appear? Thanks Bobby B. Los Angeles, CA