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  1. Our administrator entered these directly from the Trumba account as a recurring event. Dean
  2. One of my users created an event with the description: 9:30 & 11:30a.m.Worship This showed up in the calendar as & 11:30a.m.Worship When I changed this to: 9:30 and 11:30a.m.Worship This appeared as: 9:30 and 11:30a.m.Worship where the underlined section is a link to the event and the bold part is a link to http://30a.m.Wors/ I did not want to play around anymore for fear of corrupting the data too much. Should I be escaping those characters? Dean see www.chaliceuu.org Dean
  3. Connie, Thanks for your response on this. Your workaround works. The downside is that you have a calendar that starts its display on Wednesday instead of Sunday or Monday. Is there anyway to deal with this without having a second calendar for the correct display? I'd like to suggest that the correct behavior is for the emails to send the information about the "next" week as opposed to "this" week. This was the behavior I expected. Dean
  4. Is there anyway to break a repeating event into its instantiated events as independent events? I have an event that is repeated but there are significant differences between each repeat such as the presenter or the topic. The problem is that if someone forgets or accidentally clicks on the "For all future events" button, a lot of information gets wiped out.
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