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  1. Friends, I'm browsing through your Forum Support, and this tread corresponds to my actual problem. I have someone who unsubscribed to an E-Mail calendar by mistake last week. 1) Since I was still seeing her E-Mail address in the distribution list, I deleted her E-Mail address from the E-Mail distribution list AND re-enter it again, but 2) She's telling me that she didn't receive it this morning 3) I still see her E-Mail address in the distribution list ?! So after reading this tread, I now need to know: - How this unsubcribe feature works? - How can we "reactivate" an E-Mail address? - Like it was said previously, it becomes important for us to know 2 things: who is receiving our E-Mails, and who is asking us to delete their E-Mails from our distribution list. Waiting for your reply, my friend. -- Jean.
  2. YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Thanks for this info, my friend. -- Jean.
  3. Thanks for your reply ... I understand for this coming US holiday. Madam Anne, you will not believe what I found this evening! I'm writing to you from my other computer (W2K-English), and guess what? THE COLORS OF SOME CALENDARS HAVE CHANGED AND ARE NO MORE THE SAME!!!! I'm having right now both computer in front of me: - the one on which I'm working most of the time (WinXP Pro - French) shows the problem as I explained to you before in me previous post. - the W2K one shows different colors: kind of a brown-yellow instead of red for the 4th sub-calendar (ADM Hors bureau ...) as well as for the other 11th (ADM Président Enga...), the 12th and the 13th (ADM Vacations) PLUS instead of the white (NO) color for the last (PUB MinTrésorerie), I'm having now a kind of light purple?! Same thing for the 4th one (PUB MinIEÉ TV-TQS) starting from last: should be in white (NO) color, but I see it now in a kind of light purple. There may be a few other calendars showing this problem, but before I start to describe all of them, I'm gonna wait for your answer. Maybe something needs to be re-initialize on your side. But still: how can those calendars be of different colors on 2 different computers ?! My initial post was made using the same XP computer, so I could see ON THE SAME COMPUTER with my own eyes that the original calendar color was not the same than the published one. And now, I discover that even on another computer, the colors are different! I'm puzzled :-( Today's post is, I believe, another type of problem ... Let's try to fix the problem of my initial post. -- Jean.
  4. IN BRIEF: can you make all my published MIX-IN calendars the same color as their original ones? This was working OK in the past, but I now have a problem with my published colors. This problem has been there for a few weeks now, but I didn't have time to fix it. This problem happens only for a few calendars using a specific GREEN color + another calendar in GRAY and another one in BLUE. Everything was fine at the beginning when I started to use Trumba 6-9 months ago, but now I have those color problems. It seems it happened when you brought in this new feature of being able to modify the published mix-in calendar colors. Anyway, see for example my calendar at http://www.trumba.com/calendars/sdaqc_ALL. - The 4th mix-in indented calendar (that shows in RED over the web) is of a different color than its original GREEN color. - Same thing for the 11th, 12th and 13th ones (that shows in RED) while their original color is NOT red (11th in blue, and the 2 others with this same GREEN). - 2 other calendars also below have the same problem. I don't think I need to specify all the calendars for which the color does NOT match their original one: the examples above explain my problem, and I hope that by fixing this problem, you will fix the other ones. TAKE NOTE: I've been in the Customize Calendar Colors section. Here's my observations: - I SUGGEST you put in the Customize Calendar Colors window the color number of each of your default color palette. Since I do not know what are the color codes NUMBERS for the colors palette you are offering when creating a calendar, I cannot enter/modify the faulty calendars: WHICH COLOR NUMBER is the GREEN color of my original calendar? - I made one modification for one calendar, changing the number of the first column, but was NOT able to see its effect on its counterpart publish calendar over the web: I see the effect on the screen in the Customize Calendar Colors window, but NOT on the web published calendar :-( So, for me, it seems at first glance that this color feature in the Customize Calendar Colors window is NOT working, at least for the first column.
  5. OK Anne. I've made my homework ! [Text containing email addresses removed by Jill]. The idea here is to transfer those already designed (and used) calendars into the proper ([deleted], my work) account, leaving my home account ([deleted]) for personal use and sharing testing. Unfortunately, I already paid for both account, so I don't know how you will handle this. I kept shared links with another person account, but if you need to cut those links in order to make this miracle happen, it's Ok for me: I will recreate them afterward. Waiting for your reply. Thank you for this option. Hi Jean, It isn't possible to transfer calendars from one account to another. But, it is possible to change the email address associated with an account. It sounds like you have a home account and a work account. Do both accounts have real data in them? Is simply canceling your work account (assuming it is empty, of course, and it is a free trial account rather than one you have paid for), and changing the email address on your current account with all your calendars a workable solution for you? If you have just a few calendars with information that you need to move out of your main account with the published calendars, then exporting and importing may be a reasonable solution. The .ICS format is better if you have recurring appointments, by the way. Please let us know if you are set just with this information. If anything's confusing, if possible, it would be good to sort out prior to making changes so as to minimize the impact on published calendars. Regards, Anne / Trumba Support <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  6. Good! Is it possible to TRANSFER CALENDARS FROM ONE ACCOUNT TO THE OTHER? Regarding your suggestion of "(we recommended) having an admin account that is used just for calendar creation, publishing and sharing and not for actual data entry", I came exactly to that conclusion, but since I've done it the opposite way, I'm stuck with all my created calendars in the wrong account (actually in my personal E-Mail account instead of my office E-Mail account). There's a lot of data already entered 'til December 2006 (it took me a good 10-15 hours). -- Jean.
  7. I think we're talking of the same thing: to have a MASTER calendar that is the result of MIX-IN with other calendars. Now, what YOU suggest is that I create those sub-calendars and share them with others with edit rights. What I suggest is that OTHERS create their calendars and share them with me with "read-only" rights. Do you follow me? I may be tempted, as the person responsible for the master calendar, to require rights to those shared calendars that belongs to others and that I want to mix-in, but WHY could I not MIX-IN FOR PUBLISH purpose a shared calendar with "read-only" rights? This possibility gives responsabilities to the others: if activities are NOT there in the main calendar, it's THEIR problem, not mine :-) But still, after thinking twice to this idea, I'm becoming more convinced that it would be better for me to create those MIX-IN calendars myself AND share them with edit rights to others ... yap, this is better. Good sharing on this one. Isn't writing in Proverbs 15:22 Without counsel, plans go awry, But in the multitude of counselors they are established. -- Jean.
  8. This idea of attaching meaningful colors to different calendars is great and gives a lot of flexibility. My calendar is so colorful and I would like to print it in color.
  9. Why is it not possible for me to mix-in (for publish) a shared calendar with "read only" rights? I want to mix-in (for publish on the web) calendars done by others, with a calendar I created (NOT with the primary calendar, but even that doesn't work either). It looks like those shared calendars have to be shared with full rights. The idea here is to integrate calendars done by others into ONE SINGLE calendar, leaving the right for modifications to those other people. Right now, it seems like one must have full rights on those shared calendars to publish them. OK: that one person must be careful in doing NO modification to those shared calendars, but this kind of "scares" those who are sharing their calendars with full rights (instead of "read only" rights). By the way, this is a great internet application, a killer in my opinion, with a lot of flexibilities and possibilities. Those who wrote this webcalendaring program had their mind well set: a great design!
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