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  1. You can certainly try. You know more about the product than I. However, unless I'm missing something, I don't think that filtering by event type would get us where we want to be. Why? Because we would want different fields to display for each sport's embedded calendar. For instance, some sports we'd want to show a custom field with a link to a Webcast, but not for other sports. Some sports likewise would have custom fields specific to them that shouldn't show up in other sports. If I understand correctly, I could embed the main Athletics calendar with all sporting events and then filter by event type, but I couldn't pass a parameter to that to make the embedded calendar only show certain custom fields. I could be wrong on that. But if I'm not, then it won't meet what we want to do. Also, the issue with filtering by event type is the filter spud. It's a vertical spud that would be difficult to integrate into our look/feel when placed on the page with the embedded main Athletics calendar (we wouldn't use it for each embedded sport calendar.) If it could be displayed horizontally like the mix-ins panel at http://www.taylor.edu/community/calendar.shtml, then it would be more useful. Yes. I tend to be picky.
  2. Thanks Jill. Just to clarify, I'm referring to the display when embedding (or the hosted calendar). I'm not concerned about the display in the editing view. And I certainly understand the reasonings that you list. Perfectly reasonable, and I would hope that the current behavior could always exist if one wanted. But what I'm trying to do is effectively manage about three different levels of calendars. Let me give you the case study: We have a main calendar for our campus at: http://www.taylor.edu/community/calendar.shtml That calendar mixes in 8 sub-calendars, including an Athletics calendar. Now that the main calendar has been up and working well, we would like to embed the Athletics calendar in in Athletics Web site: http://www.taylor.edu/athletics/. But instead of using filters on events stored in the main Athletics calendar, we would like to create sub-calendars of the Athletics calendar for each of our 15 sports. This would allow us to embed each sport sub-calendar in its respective Web site with unique fields, etc. We would then mix those sub-calendars into the main Athletics calendar embedded in the Athletics site so a visitor could get a quick overview of all Athletics events. However, we would also like those events to show up on our main campus calendar. Since that campus calendar already has 8 mix-ins, we don't want to add 15 more. That would give us 23 mix-ins, with the potential for more, and would overwhelm our visitors with too many calendars to choose from. That's why I'm asking about inheritance. If we chose to mix-in sub-calendars into the Athletics calendar, it would make sense that those would show up on our main campus calendar if it mixed-in the Athletics calendar. At least an option to be able to do so. Does that make sense?
  3. I could test this, but I think what you're saying is that the drawback is that I wouldn't be able to filter the second-level calendar my mix-ins because even if I did those events will still show up because they've been marked to show up on that second-level calendar. Is that correct? If so, that's really a bummer. There are several places where inheritance would really, really help us. As in, where we could meet the request of our president. I'm afraid not being able to do this is a roadblock. No chance this will be changing anytime soon? Evan
  4. I have a top-level calendar that mixes in a sub-calendar. This calendar has several sub-calendars which it mixes-in. I was expecting that the events in those third-level sub-pages would show in the top-level calendar, but they don't. Is there any way to get them to show WITHOUT mixing them directly into the top-level calendar? Since there are quite a few of those third-level sub calendars, I don't want to have them all show up individually as mixed into the top-level calendar. That's why I was hoping I could have those events inherited up through the second level sub calendar.
  5. Hi Jill. We're really wanting to use an embedded calendar for our sports pages this fall. Any chance that there has been or will be any progress on a way to use parameters to limit the displayed date range of an embedded calendar (as discussed above -- without having to have a master and sub calendars)? Evan
  6. Jill -- Thanks. All of that makes sense and I'm looking forward to the multi-value custom fields that are coming soon. Just to clarify. Is there still an issue with the spud? Did your developers respond to that yet? Or, was your last message meant to cover that? Because while everything you stated made sense -- especially with those fields not showing up because they're not used -- there does still seem to be an issue with the spud and the events not being returned -- because we do have events that were tagged with Taylor Ringers as the ensemble. Evan
  7. Jill, I embedded the Performing Arts calendar in a page (http://www.taylor.edu/academics/acaddepts/music/calendar.shtml) that I could test with since I didn't want to embed the filter spud on our main calendar page. So, the difference is that I'm now working the the performing arts calendar itself and not the main calendar with the performing arts calendar mixed in. That said, the Filter spud is working on that page, though it isn't showing all of the items that I've listed in the Ensemble custom field. And, I still can't seem to be able to get a URL to filter that calendar. Field = Ensemble Does that help at all? And not to switch gears in the middle of a support request, but I wanted to ask this before I forgot: Is there a way to create a custom field that allows multiple selections? The issue is that sometimes a music event might include more than one Ensemble. Right now, I can only assign one ensemble per event. I guess I could create custom fields like Ensemble 1, Ensemble 2, Ensemble 3. But that seems a bit unwieldy. Any alternatives? Thanks. Evan
  8. Yep. It is set up there. I checked that too. It's the only filter field set up, and the values are: Label = Ensemble; Allow = Multiple Values. Evan
  9. Could you help me figure out why the following URL parameter isn't working? http://www.taylor.edu/community/calendar.s...aylor%20Ringers I'm wanting to show only filtered events on a certain mixed in calendar which is embedded in a page. Am I able to do that? ALSO. When I preview the Filter spud to see if I want to use it, only a subset of all my list choices are showing. Is this by design in the preview, or is there a reason why they aren't all showing up? Thanks. Evan
  10. Thanks Jill. That seems like it would work. We may try that yet this spring, or just wait until the Fall sports start up again in hopes that maybe there'd be a simpler solution by then. Not trying to be difficult, but it's pretty difficult for some individuals to just maintain their Web content. I'm really trying to avoid adding anything else to their plates that has more than one step to it. But I certainly appreciate the various suggestions, and we'll consider them. By the way, here is the type of page we're trying to duplicate: http://www.taylor.edu/athletics/wbasketbal.../schedule.shtml Of course, we don't expect the table to look exactly like that, but we're looking to approximate it as best we can. Thanks again! Evan
  11. Jill, Thanks for the information. I realize and have no problem with people being able to move forward and backward (though I wouldn't mind a future feature that could optionally disable that. ) That isn't a showstopper. What is a problem is the method you described for showing only a certain date range. I think, for us, it's a bit much to ask of the individuals who would be maintaining those calendars. And, with 15 some sports... that could get a little crazy to try and manage. Is there any chance you could submit a feature request for an enddate URL spud parameter and/or option that could be set for a calendar? I realize I probably won't see that any time soon (though I will hope!), but I believe it could be very useful to have and, frankly, is analogous to the date= parameter to set a start date. Thanks. Evan
  12. Exactly. And of course, that should be an optional element for a spud -- since we may not want that behavior in other places we may use the same spud. -Evan
  13. I am researching the use of Trumba to display our University's athletic schedule/scores table. I believe we've found that it will work pretty well. One remaining issue is whether or not we can set an embedded calendar to display a certain date range, and only a certain date range. Athletics seasons span months (and years) and aren't always contained nicely in one month increments. I know there is a date= URL parameter that can be used to set a start date. Is there such a parameter to set an end date? I'm particularly interested in doing this for a classic table calendar view. Additionally, as we like to archive our schedules/scores, this date range could be used to display old schedules (date ranges) from the same calendar -- assuming that past events are kept in the Trumba DB for some time. How long are they kept? Permanently? Thanks! Evan
  14. Troy -- Sorry, I'm still being overly complicated. Let me try this: We'd like to be able to pop out events / event details in a new window. When I used the term parent I didn't mean to imply framesets. I really just meant that we don't want people to browse out of the portal every time they're being linked to a resource that isn't part of the portal -- we don't want outside resources to open in the same window as the portal. I think my request is actually pretty simple, and probably what Jill was referring to. I just made it overly complicated by my lazy choice of words.
  15. Sorry Troy that I wasn't very clear. What I meant was that we don't like to load content into the parent window, i.e. the same window that the portal is in. While pop-ups are evil, we prefer for this sort of thing to pop out the content or details into a new window. Does that clarify things? Thanks. Evan
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