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Found 1 result

  1. One of my calendar users has reported receiving multiple, recurrent reminders throughout yesterday at half hourly intervals. My immediate solution was to ask her to unsubscribe from any/all reminders, which she said she did. Has anyone else reported this? Is there any known issue that could cause this from the Trumba end? The message from this user started as "Hi there, just thought would let you know that I have been getting half hourly to hourly event reminders today. Is there a glitch in your reminder system? Cheers"; then I did some investigation and discovered that she has subscribed twice to receive the weekly reminders. With her permission I deleted the unwanted second e-mail address from the weekly subscription. The recurrent reminders continued to get sent to her. The user then admitted to having had her e-mail hacked recently and assured me that she had reset her e-mail password. I asked the user to check to see if the hackers have left an unknown e-mail forward on her account. I have not yet heard back on this point. Any ideas?
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