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Use URL parameters to set calendar views

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You can use URL parameters to override many of the settings that you can choose in the Web Publishing Wizard. You might use parameters to:

  • Set a new mix-in state.
  • Provide multiple views of your calendar.

You can find out about the parameters and how to use them in the following document:

Use URL parameters to set calendar views


Additional Information

The updated URL parameter topic references the new spud code, which is currently supported along with the previous code. The new code is gradually being built into the Trumba UI, for example, to replace the code that you get at the end of the publishing wizard. These changes will take event throughout the fall of 2006. For now, you can use either version of the code, but we encourage you to give the new code a try.


Please feel free to post questions in the Web Developer forum if you've read the documentation about how to use the new spud code and either are having trouble getting the code to work, or have suggestions for how to improve the documentation.

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