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Having trouble with display of calendar spud

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I am just trying Trumba for the first time and am so far impressed with what it can do. However, when I embed the spud on the my web page, it squishes (technical term) everything over to the left side of my web page. I have tried using div tags, and also tried putting the spud code inside of a table with column width set at 100%, with no luck.


What am I missing?







ADDED: I just discovered I can make it work with table widths using pixels, but not percentages. It would be nice, though, to have the calendar automatically stretch to the width of the page (which you can do with a table using percentages), rather than be confined to a particular width.

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Hi Tiffany,

I'm glad you figured out how to get the width setting to work on your page. However, I do need to clear up the percentage issue. Spuds actually do support setting the table cell width to a percentage. Theoretically, you should be able to use any "legal" setting for the width of the container you create for the spud, and the spud shouldn't have anything to do with how the space is created (unless in certain circumstances where you set a div to a narrow pixel value without using the overflow attribute, when the spud might overflow the space). Anyway, I did a percentage experiment with the main calendar, date finder, and mix-in spuds, and the spuds did take the correct amount of space (and adjusted with my changes in the percentage).


When you set a relative width value such as a percentage, the browser interprets the available space. If the spud doesn't take the width you expected, I would first look at where else in the document an absolute space might be set and is being carried over.


If setting an absolute width works better for this spud, though, I'd leave it as it is. There are times when using a percentage is better, for example if you're embedding the crawler spud and want it to appear across 100% of the content area. But in this case, it seems as if you're better off sticking with set widths.


Jill / Trumba UA

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