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Calendar Font Color?

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I searched and didn't find anything specific to this so...


Have you considered giving us the ability to format the color of the text displayed on a calendar as opposed to the background color behind the text? (or both?)


We print calendars often and they just suck the color out of our printers due to all of the color blocks that need to be printed. Having the text colored would provide us the same color coordinated capability in a easier to print/view version. (and saves some of that valuable ink) Perhaps a splash of color before the text in the printed view. (ie iCal)


I recognize that there is a difference between a web view and a printed document. I would just like to have some options when printing since we still do so much of it.


Keep up the good work!



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Hi Demetri. Glad you think we're doing good work.


We are in the process of developing all kinds of color customization options for published calendars. In the near future, you should be able to set your background and text colors to control calendar appearance.


As I said, though, this will affect published calendars only, not the calendar in the editing environment. So, assuming you print your published calendar, you should be able to get less ink-draining print outs soon.


If you usually print your calendar from the editing environment, let us know and I can add a feature request for displaying events as colored text rather than colored background in that environment. It might not be an easy sell though because of all of the customization we're doing on the published versions.


Thanks a lot for your suggestion.


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