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Performance template

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I set up our Adult Enrichment Classes in a Performance Template so that I could embed just that calendar on the Adult Enrichment page in the website (and it's mixed in with the main calendar).


Everything went beautifully when I put in the name of the class in the Description field, the dates, the repeats, the notes, etc. Then the office sent me the room assignments to enter, and everything went to hell.


I have to put in the room assignment in Location, so that the office staff can use the calendar for room scheduling (its a BIG deal and I can't change this).


The problem is that if some of the classes in the repeating schedule have different rooms on different days, the performance calendar no longer hold together. It separates out the classes by location as well as description.


http://www.trumba.com/calendars/adult_enrichment - Look at Building Your Own Theology, Bible Study, and Beginner's Drum Workshop. They're scattered all around.


Incidentally - the help topic on the subject of Performance Calendar is a bit misleading - in one spot it says it groups by location, and in another it says "don't use this if you want to group by location."


Anyway - it seems that if someone wanted to use the performance calendar to group by location, they'd put the location in the Description field. Wouldn't they? Like the group is appearing at several different venues, and you put the venue in the description field. Having it also group on the location field seems like overkill to me.


I don't suppose there's anyway to override the location grouping, is there?

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Hi wyndwoman,

It would be lovely to be able to override this grouping by location behavior that you're describing, but as I'm sure it won't be a surprise to hear that there's not a way to do that, at least not right now. It doesn't look like custom fields would work for this either -- if you haven't already figured this out and want me to elaborate, let me know, but I just assume you've tried everything I can think of! : )


Anyway, I can log a feature request for being able to choose your grouping behavior for the Performance template. It does seem kind of limiting that it treats the same event in a different location as a different event.


Jill / Trumba UA

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Thought I'd let you know I came up with a second-best solution. I used the List template and a custom date grouping, then subgrouped by Description.


It looks a little redundant on the page, but at least all of the classes are grouped together properly.




The above link is a demo, awaiting committee approval and full descriptions of the classes. If the link doesn't work, trying taking out the "2" and you'll go to the live page.

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