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Kim de B

Multi-Day Events / Month-Long Event

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I've read through the Repeating Events Help and FAQs, but still have a couple of questions, please:


1) I'm trying to figure out the best way to have multi-day events appear in my calendars. Typically, an event which lasts over a weekend or a week.


(I always use either the List or Table views for my published calendars.)


If, under Grouping, I select "Show Once," the event disappears from the published calendar once the first day of the event is passed, even though the event is still going on. (The listing continues to exist in my calendar.)


If, under Grouping, I select "Show in All Relevant Groups," the event does show up in the published calendar on all the days it's happening. HOWEVER, it continues to show up on the whole range of dates, even after the first of those dates have passed by.


(EXAMPLE: An event is scheduled for 10/4 through 10/8, and I have "Show in All Relevant Groups" selected. The listings for 10/4, 10/5 and 10/6 continue to be published on the calendar, even though today is 10/7.)


This isn't really a huge deal; I just wonder if there is some way to get it to not publish the past dates, but delete them as time passes. The goal would be to have no past dates showing up on the published calendar.


2) The other issue is with a month-long "event." What I'm after is posting an "event" that is actually a notice that "no meeting will be held in December." I would want this to continue to show up on the published calendar all month, but would rather not clog up the calendar with a repeating event for 31 days.


What I'm after is a single notice, with a date range, that remains up as one "event" through the ending date.

Is this possible?


Thanks much. LOVE your calendars. Really

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Hi Kim de B,

Welcome to the Trumba forums. I'm glad you like the calendars! As you've discovered, it is sometimes a tricky puzzle to coordinate the paging, grouping, and template to get what you want. I *think* I can give you an alternative for your first issue at least. From the behavior your describing, it almost sounds like you have the paging set to Current Group and grouping set to something other than Day?? What if you have the paging set differently? (Keep the Show in all relevant groups box checked.) I believe that in the list-based templates, the next event should be at the top in most cases (setting paging to Current Group and grouping to, say, Month, is the only way I've been able to override that default behavior). But let me know if you just can't get it to work that way and other settings you've tried.


About #2, instead of creating an all-day repeating event that repeats daily for 31 days, what if you created a single-occurring event and set the duration to 31 days?


About your other question about Web links, the web link field type is web link. Behind the scenes this type behaves differently from the Notes field, which is a "multiple lines of text" field. Right now the only type of field in which you can use HTML is multi-line text.


Hope that helps!


Jill / Trumba UA

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Thanks for the reply, Jill. You are very helpful.


On the first question: I did have Paging set to Current Day, and Grouping to Group by Month, Subgroup by Day...


I've changed it to Paging by Current Group, and Group by Month, Subgroup by Day. I've put up a test for the test four days, and will see if that does it.


(I do want the published list view calendar to group by month...) You're right, it does get a little confusing!


On #2, I don't think there's a solution to make it work the way I want. Your suggestion generates a duplicate listing for every day of the month, and that's what I was trying to avoid. (What I'm looking for is a single listing that stays up all month, saying "No meeting in December," but is only up there once for the month, rather than 31 times.)


Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, a good workaround is simply to post an "event" dated Dec. 31 that says "No meetings in December." There aren't any other events in December anyway, so since I'm using the Table view for this calendar, it will be up there for the duration of the month.

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