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The intention of my other post kinda went somewhere else (vida-infra). Any way, I'm back on the subject of having more control over Trumba emails.


Since I already have a large list server running, I do not want to inflict pain on my users by having them subscribe AGAIN to another Trumba-based list server. Thus what I've done is white-listed the email account that my Trumba email comes from (i.e. MyCal@Trumba.com) within my current list-server. Thus, when my scheduled Trumba email is sent to my list-server (i.e. MyList@somewhere.com), it's relayed to my subscribers.


Got that? Good. Now you can appreciate why I want to customize my emails. I do not want Trumba's default disclaimer/unsubscribe footer in the calendar event mailings. This is confusing to my list subscribers.

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Hi niskypto,

Thanks for your clarification, and I will gladly share your comments. Email is getting more focus in the next development phase, and I am guessing that you're not alone in this wish. How such a request would be implemented remains to be seen, but what I can tell you now is that as long as the email is being sent from our servers, we need to make sure that some kind of opt-out message is included with them. But I agree, and I think it's recognized in the company, that making these messages less confusing for your recipients (i.e., less like Trumba) is important.


Jill / Trumba UA

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