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Calendar doesn't display in Safari on a MAC

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Everything else on the main webpage shows up correctly in the Safari browser on a MAC (like the menu index and some text strings) But the main calendar page does not appear. Normally on IE or FireFox, if you don't see the calendar you usually see the "password required" link every now and then because our calendar is set up as private. However, on Safari, the words "temporarily unavailable" appear instead of the calendar. Is this related to a security setting in their Safari browser, or do I need to do something to the web code to make it appear?




Bobby B.

Los Angeles, CA

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We have been hearing about this issue from a few other clients recently where the spud displays “Calendar is temporarily unavailable” in Safari on the PC and Mac and I wanted to post an update for everyone. We found that with Safari, even though the spuds are embedded on the page, the spuds are not loading because it is not a valid HTML page. It’s probably missing the <html> and <head> tags. Other browsers are more forgiving, however without these tags it will cause issues in Safari.




Trumba Support

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