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I understand that currently, Trumba is unable to include detailed information about events when they are added to an individual's calendar. What Trumba does include is: "Added by Trumba Event Actions." Couldn't that be changed to, for example: "www.SoleilsToDos.com event added by Trumba Event Actions?" It's really kinda frustrating to be paying $1200 a year (or, at least, I may as well treat it as if that is the case since there's a whole lot that's going to need to change in order for me to even consider paying that much money :) ) and having so much activity directed to the Trumba-hosted site.

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Hi Soleil,

Thanks for bringing this up. I agree with what you're saying, and I think it's just a matter of us not getting that far yet in the customization features. My understanding is that the event actions page itself will also be less Trumba looking in the future. I'm sorry I don't have a timeframe for work on these pages or a way to turn off the reference to Trumba Event Actions, but I know that this work is on the list. I hope that helps.


Jill / Trumba UA

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