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Publishing with Spud and Password built in

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Is there a way to embed the password into the script for a spud in order to have it built into an already password protected site so that users don't have another layer of password to go through?


i.e., bury the password somewhere into the script below?




<script type="text/javascript">


{ webName: "name",

spudType: "type"});



As always, thank you for your prompt responses and assistance!

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Hi laurengrable99,

I will look into whether there is a way to use secure keys with the new spud code. But meanwhile, you can still use the previous version of spud code to embed a spud with a secure URL. We have info for doing it the super secure way, so that the URL that's generated for the spud is valid only for that user session. And there's the "secure lite" way of doing it, which generates a unique URL, but doesn't change it for every session. We have a Help topic that gives the overview info and instructions for the hard-core security version and a knowledgebase article that explains the lite version.


Here's the Help topic: Use secure URLs to grant limited access to a calendar

Here's the KB article: Secure URL for spuds (alternative to Help example)


I hope this helps!


Jill / Trumba User Assistance

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