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Adding HTML tags

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Does Trumba have a field type that allows HTML in it?

What I'm wanting to do is add several fields to a Sports event type that would allow us to link to game recaps and to audio and video of a game.

I realize there is the Web Link field type. That's close, but I don't want to show the actual link since some of those links are quite long. For instance, I'd prefer to display the score and have it link to the recap..

Oh, and by the way, while just being able to put HTML in a field and have it render would be nice, it'd be even nicer if it was WYSIWYG or some easier way for the average user to just put the text they want and the link they want without having to know HTML.

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An HTML editor is available (for Trumba Connect accounts only) and you will see this for the Notes field and any multi-line text fields within your Trumba editing environment. This will make it easier for you and editors to add some basic HTML tags such as bold, italic, horizontal lines as well as embed and link images and more.

How to use the HTML editor | Transition to the new HTML editor

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