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Style the same spud different ways?

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Jumping to the main calendar in a particular mix-in state is what I needed -- once I realized that instead of having the promotion spud be that of a different calender I should have the promotion spud be the same calendar as the main calendar but set to the mix-in I wanted. Thanks for the tip.


Now if it were only possible to have two differently styled spuds of the same type for one calendar. I want to use the Upcoming Date Table in two places but styled differently. Is that possible?


Oh, and just as a note to myself and others, the trumbaEmbed parameter is case sensitive. Upcasing the E makes everything work. :)





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[Note: I split Evan's post above from topic 1414.]

Alright, Evan, you trouble maker, stop asking for things that make sense that we don't have yet! : ) Just kidding. Asking about styling the same spud different ways for different pages is a great question. I'll certainly pass along this request to development, too.


There's not really a way to control text size, color, link color, and many other attributes from spud code, but depending on what you want to do, you might be able to piece together some features that are available now to get what you want.


If you want to style the background colors differently, you could try making the background transparent on the spud's style settings in the Pub control panel. If you wanted the spud to have a bg color different from the page, you could then place the spud inside a DIV tag in which you set the background color. Depending on the spud, you might be able to use additional properties that serve as local overrides for the spud on which you use them. For example, the upcoming spud supports properties for header and border colors, or removing the header or border. You can start here: Arguments supported in spud code to find out more. In the table, click the name of the spud you want to style to see the list of URL parameters and properties it supports. Note that if you have local properties on a spud, changing the styles in the Pub Control Panel that map to those properties will not affect that spud (in case you do this, and we get the multiple-spud styling in the future).


Yes, you can also use URL parameters to locally override some spud attributes. You can check out the parameters at Use URL parameters to set spud views. Note that this topic is not completely up-to-date. It does not show the new syntax, which is the trumbaEmbed parameter with the additional parameters URL-encoded (the syntax you read about in those other posts I linked you to).


I hope this helps a little, but I'm sorry that you currently can't create multiple instances of a spud in your control panel, each of which you can style differently.


Jill / Trumba UA

p.s. Thanks for pointing out the case sensitivity of the parameters. Spud code is that way as well...

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Oh don't worry. I've just started. :) There are a lot more ideas where those came from. :)


I was particularly interested in link color, link hover color and font size, so it appears I'll just have to wait it out.

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