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Secure Key?

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I've created a new calendar, but when I tried to publish it, the publish page required me to set a secure key and a password, even though I'm wasn't trying to do a secure URL. I just want plain old public access.

Is this a new bug or have I missed something?

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Hi wyndwoman,

I haven't seen this issue, and am not seeing it now for a new calendar I create. When you say it requires you to set a secure key, are you saying that there are no settings for specifying whether your calendar is public, password protected, or secure URL? Usually if it's asking to set a secure key, the Access type setting under Publish Settings is set to Secure URL. (I'm talking about the setting on the Edit Publish Settings page, which just says Publish calendar name the first time you publish, where you select the view, mix-ins, etc.)


If you don't see this setting, maybe the Publish Settings section is collapsed? If it is, you can click the plus sign next to the section heading to display the section.


Have you used the Secure URL setting for any calendars you published previously? Are you using a different browser than you've used in the past? What if you create another new calendar, don't enter any events, and just click Publish to see if you get the same behavior?


Let me know what more you find out.


Jill / Trumba UA

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