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1. How do I add branding to my calendar e-mails?

2. How do I set up an email banner (finally found the referenced option "shaded out" somewhere, but haven't been able to access it. The link in the Trumba Help Center to

3. My calendar is published in compact view, but the email contains expanded info - more than I want to include. How do I change that?

4. I'm trying to set up my calendar emails to display a week of events (from mail date through next 6 days). Even though I selected "the next week's events", it shows events from March 31 - April 1st. Then it goes on to list upcoming events through April 8 - even though I didn't ask for that. How do I limit the displayed events?

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Hi Soleil,

1. Info for "branding" your email is in Customize styles for calendar and event email. If you've looked at this Help topic and read this post, and you still have some specific questions that aren't covered in either, let me know, ok? Please note in the Help the info about what's not customizeable yet.


2. People who have a "managed account" with Trumba can get an additional feature for email headers and footers. In the headers and footers, you can enter whatever HTML code you want, including adding images/logos. If you're interested in talking about that, you can contact our Sales dept. (It's essentially a custom account that you set up with Sales, and the monthly rate starts at the current Trumba Connect rate.)


The email banners are restricted the way they are because of security concerns with allowing any old HTML and image in our emails. We want to know/manage who all is sending email with these banners. How to deal with security and privacy issues with email is a huge ongoing project that evolves as the product itself does, and this is our current implementation of it.


3. and 4. The way events are displayed and which events are displayed aren't customizeable in email yet at all, meaning that this applies to all accounts.


The way the mail calculates weeks is by calendar week. If you specify "the next week's," it'll start from today (rather than the beginning of the week, so it doesn't include past events) and go to the end of the week according to what day you have set for Week display starts in the calendar settings page. In addition, the following/upcoming week preview at the bottom of the email is not removeable at this point.


All of these features are on the request list and will be coming in the future. However, I'm sorry that I don't have a timeframe to pass along for any of them yet. I hope this has helped a little anyway, and again, please let me know if some of your questions aren't addressed here or in the Help.


Jill / Trumba UA

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Thanks, Jill - I did read the "help" section before posting my question, but as #1, relates to #2, I see that I can't accomplish my goal of making my e-mail appearance consistent with my website. Which means, I guess, that I have to pay for an outside service such as constant contact.

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