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Kevin Blair

"See All" Upcoming Events error

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Hiya Trumba Support


I'm having a wee issue with our upcoming events link.

Site: www.wowkal.com

I have upcoming event embeded. When I click on the "See All" link it navigates to page http://www.wowkal.com/?trumbaEmbed=calenda...dget%3Dupcoming


This displays the site's home page again, not www.wowkal.com/calendar.html


Please advise : )



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Hi Kevin,

Good to see you again! : ) I took a look at the source code, and it looks like the teaserbase on your upcoming spud is set to just www.wowkal.com, which would give you the result you're getting. : ) The other stuff that you see in the resulting URL is just spud display parameters. If you change that teaserbase property to www.wowkal.com/calendar.html it should redirect properly when someone clicks the link.


Let me know if you want me to elaborate or if you run into trouble getting it to work.


Jill / Trumba UA

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Hi Jill


Where do I find the Teaser Base setting?

I have gone into Publishing Control Panel for WOWKAL - Goldfields WA and it is set to www.wowkal.com/calendar.html

Is there somewhere else I should set this?


*** Dont worry, I found it :D ***

Edited by Kevin Blair

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I'm glad you found it, Kevin!


For anyone else who might want to know, in my earlier post, I meant to refer to the teaserBase setting in the spud code that's in your web page where you embed the spud. This setting is also in the spud code in the Publishing Control Panel, but that's usually just the generic code that points to the Trumba hosted calendar page. If it's the generic hosted-page code, when you put the spud into your own site, you need to change the URL for that teaserBase setting to the URL of the page on your site that contains your main calendar, so that when you or a visitor clicks a link on the spud, it navigates to the calendar page on your site instead of the hosted page (or nowhere if the teaserBase is missing altogether).


For info about changing how the spud code is generated in the Publishing Control Panel, see this post by Nancy.


I hope I didn't just make things sound more complicated than they really are! : )


Jill / Trumba Client Services

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