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Importing a .csv file

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I've got about 100 or so events that need to be imported. However, I have multiple calendars that this needs to port to. For example: The main calendar that items need to be imported to are their specific city, then the also appear in the holistic BIG calendar (mix-in) and by TYPE of event (cultural arts, community, Library, etc.).

I figured out the import for the primary city calendar but can't get it to link automatically to the secondary calendar(s).

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If you have already imported all of the events into at least one calendar, you might consider just stopping there and moving the events to the correct owning sub-calendar.

For example, you could have an event that is in Seattle, which you could change the owning calendar to one of the sub-calendars. If this calendar is set to mix in to the BIG calendar there is nothing else you need to do.


If you want to import one file and have events be owned by different calendars, add the following column header to your CSV file: Calendar


Then make sure your calendar names match the exact name of the calendars as they exist in Trumba within the spreadsheet. When you go to import the CSV file in Trumba, select the file and when you see the Map Fields screen, you will see the map value for Calendar and to the right, select Multiple Calendars from the drop down and click Next to continue through the import wizard. This will now import events into each sub-calendar.

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