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Why are all the boxes checked in the calendar list spud?

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Hi there,


Something seems to have changed. I've suddenly noticed that all the boxes are checked in my Calendar List spud, even though not all the mixed-in calendars are automatically displayed (which is how I want it.) This is very confusing.


Any idea why these are suddenly showing checkmarks, and how I can make it stop? Only the "All MACUCC-Wide Events" box should be checked.






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Hi Tiffany,

It looks like you're using the mix parameter to change the default view. The value formulated for the mix parameter is based on the calendars in the publication and the mix-in settings you set at a particular time. Unfortunately if you added or removed calendars, the value is no longer valid. If you have done that recently, that's most likely why the settings changed. There could be other calendar-related changes that affect the value as well, but whatever the reason, I can show you how to fix it.


About a month ago, development added two new parameters: mixin and mixout. Now, instead of using mix, you use mixin or mixout with calendar ids to define the spud's mix-in state. Which parameter you use depends on which one would require fewer calendar ids. For example, if your publication contains 35 calendars, and you want the default view to show 23 of them mixed in, you would use the mixout parameter with the ids of the 12 calendars you don't want to show by default.


You need to use the same parameter on both the main calendar spud and the Calendar List spud (looks like you're doing that already). Also, it looks like you might be using older spud code, and the code examples that I point you to will show the updated spud code. I'd recommend updating the code for all of your spuds, whether they use the mixin/mixout parameters or not. Let me know if you want more info on that. You can also find the up-to-date code for each spud in your Publishing Control Panel.


You can find the parameter values (calendar ids) more or less the same way you found the old values. Here's a Help topic that shows you how to do that and use the new parameters and spud code: URL parameters for setting the default mix-in state


The old mix parameter theoretically still can work if the value is valid (but it may eventually be phased out I believe). I'm sorry if the value you found originally somehow changed. Development added the mixin and mixout parameters to use with calendar ids, because calendar ids don't change, so the values don't become invalid when there are changes in your publication. If you remove a calendar, anywhere its id is listed with a mixin or mixout parameter, the id is simply ignored. Likewise, if you add a new calendar, existing parameters in your code are not affected.


I hope this helps. Please let me know if I can clarify anything.


Jill / Trumba Client Services

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