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Hello all,

Is there any way to have a calendar to something similar to this? http://artsopportunities.org/. Click the search button on the bottom lest to see what I mean.


The closest thing I can find is the compact list view, but it does not include a brief description. This would be a very cool view. That way you can include a ton of info, but not have all of the info visible on the initial calendar view, wasting space. It would be similar to the summary field used in the photo event view, but not being collapsable and expandable. It would be a compact list with a very brief summary, but when you click the title, it would go to the view you would see using the compact list view, with all of the info.


Thanks for listening,


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Hi Joe,


Thanks for sending in this suggestion. Compact list, 3 Columns, and Table views can almost get you there, but not exactly the way you are asking for. I'll pass on your request to our dev team for consideration of different customization options.


Regards, Nancy / Trumba Support

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