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This is what I was talking about

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Hey all,

I mentioned before about calendar views and interface that I like, but didn't have the opportunity to show you. I took some snapshots of them so that I could explain it better.


This first one is the main view. The only thing I think is important is the ability to have events with brief descriptions that you can click to go to the full event. The date posted should probably be replaced with date of event or deadline.




This image is the full event view once the viewer clicks the event from the main view. It's not much different that what can be done with Trumba, but the fact that only a brief description is shown on the main page makes it better. This view shows a ton of information about the event and company, but it doesn't have to be shown on the main view. That would make the main calendar view too long. People want to see a summary of events and the choose the ones that they want to see, not be forced to read through a long page of event details.




This final image is of the user interface, when entering the information for events. What I like about it is all fields that are present are shown on the detail view. I would ove if there was a way that we could choose the fields that would be displayed regardless of the calendar view. It's true, we can create our own custom fields, but not all calendar views display them. What is even better about this event submission form is the rich text editor. One can lter the appearance of the text and add html links without using code, just like Microsoft Word or even this forum. That makes it a lot easier. Would be great to have that feature for our needs, as well as incorporating them into the submission forms.




Thanks for listening,


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Hi Joe,

The combination of the screen shots and your detailed explanation is great, thanks a lot. Nancy's passed this info/request on to our spud developers, just to let you know.




Jill / Trumba Client Services

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