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Calendar List in Trumba editing environment

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The calendar list within your Trumba environment is publication oriented, so that calendars that you mix into a publish calendar are displayed with your published calendar or a parent/child relationship. This helps to make the list in your editing environment look more like the published calendar list. In addition:

  • You'll be able to expand and collapse groups of calendars and sub-calendars.
  • If you have more than two published calendars, a drop-down list becomes available, from which you can select the publication you want to make active.
  • Calendars can be shared with one or more Trumba users for viewing or editing
  • Each calendar can be published as a separate calendar or mixed in to any other calendars.

Click this link to open the Help topic that describes how the feature works: View and edit calendars. You can also click the mini Help buttons (blue question marks) that appear in the section headings.

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