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Ben Chapman

Changing colors on individual events

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Sorry if this is an RTFM, but we've just started using Trumba and I didn't spot the answer after searching around in help and on the forums.

Assuming that we have a single calendar, with three types of events (Colloquium, Lecture, Special Event), is there a way to color-code these classes of events or is the only way to create sub-calendars with different colors?

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In order to have your events appear in different colors, you will want to setup additional calendars, either top level or sub-calendars. Each calendar will then take on a color which you can select from a limited palette of 24 colors. Once you have your calendars/categories set up, they each start to “own” different events that you assign to each calendar and the events will then take on the owning calendars color.


When you publish the calendar, you can also control the published background color, text, link and link hover colors using HEX color values. Here is a help topic with more details.

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