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Import events from other calendars

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What would be the recommended way to generate an entry from a web application? We already have a web application that we would like to generate calender entries from. It is possible to screen scrape through the Trumba web GUI to put an entry in, but you must have a better way to do it.

Any suggestions?

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If you have existing events in other programs that you want to import into Trumba®, you can import the event information in the following file formats:

iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar (.vcs)
Comma separated values (.csv) or tab delimited (.txt) text files
Microsoft® Excel worksheet (.xls)
You can also import events in one of these formats from a Web URL.

If you want to import event data from a file, you first need to get the data from the other calendar program into one of the formats that Trumba supports. To do that, you export your calendar from the other program.

Take a look at this Help file that goes into more details on Importing Events from Other Calendar Programs. I would also recommend this Help topic on how to Retain custom field information in Calendars you import from other programs.

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