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Ongoing Events Feature

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Hello all,


Is the Ongoing Events feature new or did I have I just not noticed it until now? Anyway, I like it a lot, but there is one flaw that you may want to consider, in my opinion.


The way it seems to work now is that the ongoing events are displayed in order of when they began. So if you have three events: one has not started yet, but two have; here is how it will be displayed:


Event 1: April 1 - May 31 (Ongoing through May 31)

Event 2: April 27 - May 7 (Ongoing through May 7)

Event 3: May 5 - May 10


Before April 27, this makes sense, because it is showing the event that already begun first, followed by the event that will begin next and finished with the event that starts last. Only the event that has begun will have the Ongoing tag. The others will have the start and end dates. However, once April 27 comes around, the order of event should be changed to the following:


Event 2: April 27 - May 7 (Ongoing through May 7)

Event 1: April 1 - May 31 (Ongoing through May 31)

Event 3: May 5 - May 10


The reason is that both events have already begun. It is no longer important when they began. It is now important when they end. It does not make sense that the event that ends later is shown before.


Also, once the start date begins, the event detail page should not display the start date any longer. It should also have the Ongoing label. It should display the start and end dates up until the start. Once it starts, the end date is all that is important.


Let me know what you think.


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Hi Joe,

This is a new setting we just released last night :D


Ongoing Events – We added special handling for ongoing events to display dates with a leading phrase such as Ongoing through Jan 1, 20xx. Ongoing events are multi-day events that started in the past but end in the future. The setting lets you omit the past start date and show the event date in a configurable format


We appreciate this feedback and we hope to provide more custom settings in the future to control the display. For now, the clients who have been requesting this feature did want the start date to appear, which is why is it currently designed this way :P Currently this setting will display the events in the order of the start date of the event and they will appear higher in the list of events as they have already started, however I do understand your scenario and is one they did consider.


This feature is turned on by default, so if you do not want to use the feature you do have the option to turn it off.


We also released a new Date/Time format setting. The What’s New for this week’s release is posted at http://www.trumba.com/connect/webcalendars/whats_new.aspx


If anyone has more feedback please let us know as I will be happy to forward on to the development team!




Trumba Support

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Thanks for your reply Steve,

I am actually finding new things I didn't notice. I saw that the event detail screen has the Ongoing label option as well so that takes care of the issue of showing the start date on the detail screen, which is a good thing.


I am glad you see what I mean about the order of the events once the events have started. It really would make more sense to group them by the end date once they have begun. But in experimenting, I have found another issue that you may want to pass to your developers. If multiple events have the same start date but different end dates and all of them have begun, they are listed alphabetically. So if you have five events that have all begun, here is what will happen:


156 Gallery Art Competition

Ongoing through September 15, 2008


Alpha Gallery - Call for Entries

Ongoing through August 22, 2008


Annual Art Exhibition

Ongoing through May 22, 2008


Fourth Annual Watercolor Exhibition

Ongoing through August 9, 2008


Showdown - Open for Submissions

Ongoing through May 12, 2008


This presents a major problem. When people search a calendar, one of the most important things is that it is in the correct chronological sequence. If a calendar had between 50-100 events listed, all ongoing, the order would make absolutely no sense as it would have 20 events ending in September listed before the events ending in May.


Also, the feature which allows you to show events once or in all relevent groups was avery handy feature in my opinion and don't think that you should have removed it. Now, ongoing events are shown in every group, which is fine in some cases, but we should have the option to have it only shown once. If I have 50 events that are ongoing through September, it is going to show all 50 events five times, one for each month. That is completely repetitive.


thanks for listening.


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