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Dave Steger

Attaching PDFs, Word docs and videos to events

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While we cannot attach files to events, you can link to them within any field of an event within Trumba.

For example, in the Description field (or any other custom field you set up), if you want to link to a PDF or Word document for a conference, you could type in the following text

Please <a href="http://www.domain.com/conference.pdf">click here</a> for additional information on this conference.


When published, the words "click here" (or whatever text you choose) will be hyperlinked to the PDF file and that file will open and display in a new window.


You can also use the web link field to enter in the URL for the file if the file or just enter in the URL in any text field: http://www.domain.com/conference.pdf


If you have Trumba Connect, all multi-line text fields, including the Description field have an HTML editor. If you use the editor, it is much easier to attach the links to PDFs, brochures, Word docs, videos, etc. We also support Google Drive, so you can upload files to a Google Drive and using the HTML editor, link to your files that are stored on Google Drive.

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