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Larry L

Custom Fields not displaying in published calendar

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I've created a number of custom fields, and assigned them to custom event templates. The status of the custom field is set to "Allow this field to be published".

When I create an event, the custom fields show up on the Event edit form, but the fields do not show up on the published Calendar. Is there a setting that I am missing somewhere? The custom fields were created some time ago (i.e. several weeks ago), and we have been entering data into them for several weeks, but the data does not show up on the published calendar on Trumba or in calendars created via spuds on our site.

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As long as you have checked the option Allow this field to be published, that field will be available for that event template. The field will only display on the published calendar when data is entered for the field. Also, some calendar views may not display all of the custom fields. The event detail view will always show all custom fields if there is data in those custom fields.

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