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Displaying Event Opening and Closing Dates

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Is anyone using a calendar or promotion spud to display opening and closing dates for extended-duration events?


For theater, art exhibits and other events with a duration of at least 3 weeks, I'm trying create calendars that show upcoming opening dates and upcoming closing dates. For these types of events, I set-up a recurring event (weekly or daily recurrence). For the first week of the recurrence, I include the event on the Theater calendar (for example), and also on the Openings calendar. During the last week, I include it on the Closings calendar.


I've tried using the Upcoming Events promotional spud to display Openings in one spud and Closings on another, but using this method will show each individual Closing date as a separate listing, rather than grouping them together. So, I tried a calendar spud, selected the Openings calendar for one spud and Closings calendar for another and used the Performance schedule view. This actually works pretty well, except that I cannot control the dates displayed. Using the promotional spud, I can choose to display events coming up within the next 7 days, which is the option I would like to be able to control by using the performance schedule. If you take a look at my home page, www.so-LAZE.com, you may get a better idea of what I'm attempting to describe!


If anyone can provide me with examples of how you've handled this, I'd sure appreciate it!

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